(Above photo credit Richard LaFortune)

Have gym access? Perfect! Bring your trainer in your pocket! 

Don't have gym access? Perfect! Forging You can provide personalized programming no matter your situation, based on YOUR unique needs and situation! With the Trainerize software, not having a gym membership is no longer a barrier to personal training.

Live personal training can be both expensive as well as dependent upon yours and your trainer's schedule. With online personal training, neither of those barriers exist. At Forging You, we don't do cookie cutter programs and we don't send you a giant e-mail with what to do. Thanks to Trainerize, you'll have access to your coach and your program 24 hours a day via your smartphone or device. It really couldn't be any easier! 

As a Forging You client you will receive the following:


A personalized program (4 days per week for four weeks) created with your unique needs and goals in mind 

Easy access to your coach

Regular check-ins and accountability to help keep you on track