Want to be a force on the track? Look no further. 

As a roller derby athlete, you play one of the toughest, most physically demanding sports in the world and as the sport continues to grow being in a state of top physicial preparedness is a must. Forging You has a long track record of helping roller derby players achieve just that. Our skaters are some of the strongest, most explosive, most inury-resistant athletes on the track. 

When you join Forging You as a roller derby client you receive more than just our special rates for the roller derby community (that includes players, coaches, referees, and full-time NSO's), you are welcomed into a community of like-minded peeps who will support and push you to be your best. Like everything wonderful about this sport you will not have to walk alone. When you join Forging You you become part of a family.

Invest in yourself today and reap the rewards for a career. 

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See what our clients are saying

"Working out regularly has always been a struggle. Boredom sets in and the workouts were whatever I found on youtube. Now, I get perfectly tailored workouts that change every 4 weeks and a community of derby people to keep me motivated. In the past 4 months my core has gotten stronger, I can do more pushups! and I've gained muscles. I totally recommend Jay Hook and Forging You." Danielle - Plattsburgh, NY 

"Jay's programming has been instrumental to my development as an athlete. It has never mattered what kind of equipment I've had access to - whether at home, at the gym, or even on vacation - I can always count on Jay to help me eliminate excuses and stay on track. Like most people, the time I have available to cross train is limited, and I need to make the most of it. Jay's workout plans are very efficient, they are always tailored to my specific needs, and he’s always there if I have questions or need advice. I highly recommend his services to anyone, especially derby athletes aspiring to reach their fullest potential." Melissa - Portland, Maine

"I have been using Forging You and the services provided by Coach Hook for almost 10 months now. I really like how Jay personalized all my monthly workout plans to cover what I have for equipment at home, making it super easy to get my sweat on in the privacy of my own home but is just a message away for any questions or concerns that I may have. This program has been a big boost to my pick-up speed in skating and has given me more power through my hits - to the delight of my teammates but not so much to my opposition." Shawna - Windsor, Ontario